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Almost three million more people voted against Donald Trump than voted for him, but because our elections are decided by an Electoral College system, he won the office. There is a lot of speculation that the win was not legitimate because of interference by the Russian government and by actions of FBI Director James Coomey. The country has seen an incredible amount of chaos since Mr. Trump's election and protest movements have broken out everywhere, not only in this country, but worldwide.

At the time of this writing, a poll by Public Policy Polling finds Trump's approval dropping precipitously after just two weeks in office. In their first poll, Americans were evenly divided on Trump with 44% approving of him and 44% disapproving. After two weeks his approval rating is 43% while his disapproval rate is 53%. There is a lot of talk about impeachment and it is gaining more favor with voters. Initially 35% supported the idea of impeachment, then it grew to 40% and now stands at 46%, with those against impeachment also at 46%.

A recent poll by CNN finds that 53% of Americans oppose Trump's travel ban whereas only 47% favor it. Six in ten Americans oppose his plan to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Seventy four percent of Americans, including 53% of Republicans believe Trump should release his tax returns. According to a poll at CNN Money, 6 out of 10 Americans feel Trump is not doing enough to avoid conflicts of interest.

The cartoons in this book examine some of the problems associated with this presidency and we are hopeful that somehow these cartoons may contribute to better solutions as time goes on. We feel that these cartoons accurately reflect the mood of the majority of American voters.

The following cartoonists and writers contributed to this collection:

Theresa McCracken. . . Douglas Blackwell. . . Cliff Ulmer. . . Neile Grahame. . . Christopher Toler. . . Ron Coleman. . . Daniel Benjamin

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