Cartoons for Social Media

This license is for indefinite use at one URL, where that URL is a page on a social networking website or a posting on a web forum where this use is intended for commercial gain by promoting the writer's business, selling products or services or the generation of advertising revenue.

A social networking website is defined as a template-driven personal web page hosted within a larger webspace with a view to social networking, examples of such sites are or A web forum is defined as an internet based discussion group either accessible to the general public or limited to a specific group of users.

If you use my cartoons for a non-commercial use on social media, the licensing fee is $11.00. If used for a commercial purpose the fee is $25.00. These fees apply if you use my cartoons as an original posting on your social media sites and does not apply if you share a posting I have put on my own social media sites.

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