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Cartoonists - Submit Your Cartoons for this Feature

If you are a cartoonist I invite you to submit your work for this cartoon series. Ideally the cartoons should show in a humorous way, the differences in the goals of the Trump administration, and the wishes of the majority of American voters. The cartoons must be your own original work.

Since this is being done primarily as a protest to the activities of the Trump administration, I hope to use work from every cartoonist who submits to the project, whether they are accomplished professionals or amateurs. I want to include everybody.

There is no pay for this, however, we will run advertising with the cartoons and any money earned from advertising or from donations will be shared with those whose cartoons we publish. If you want to submit, however, your primary objective should not be to make money. This should be a patriotic act on your part...joining in the anti-Trump movement.

Cartoons can be in black and white or color and should be 300 dpi resolution. Cartoonists should be aware that the cartoons will be offered for sharing by other websites or publishers and there may not be any licensing fees resulting. If you are not agreeable to this, please do not submit.

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