Advertise With Cartoons - Pay Only For Results

The Problem:

People are inundated with advertising and have become conditioned to ignore them. When TV commercials come on, they leave the room. When visiting websites they skip over the banner ads without even seeing them. So it's hard for advertisers to get their message across.

The Solution:

Cartoons are popular and attract attention. So we've created cartoon banner ads. They offer a brief message embedded right into the cartoon so it's hard to ignore. And the cartoon links to your landing page. Here is a sample:

Pay Only For Results

You can choose to pay for leads or for actual sales. The price you pay will be determined by negotiation. A lead would occur whenever you receive a query about your services, or a customer downloads a coupon or information such as a white paper or a pdf report. You should expect to pay more for a sale than for a lead.

If you have an affiliate program I will sign up for it and we can then track the results you get from the use of my cartoon banners. If you don't have an affiliate program, contact me and we will determine another way to track the results.