Resume - Ronald Bryce Coleman, Cartoonist


5 Years - Walt Disney Studios - Burbank, California

Worked as a payroll coordinator. Also served as a union steward for the Office Workers Union.

10 Years - Paramount Pictures Corporation - Hollywood, California

Worked 5 years as a backlot timekeeper and later 5 years as a publicity department clerk.

2 Years - Orion Pictures Corporation - Beverly Hills, California

Worked one year as an Assistant to the Director of Advertising and one year as an Assistant in Foreign Sales

60 Years - Freelance Cartoonist - Working from home.

Self-employed, part time. Sold my first magazine cartoon when in junior high school. Have been published thousands of times since. Self-taught in cartoon animation, using Adobe Flash and later Toon Boom Harmony software.


Cartoonists' Exchange

Studied by correspondence course while in junior high and high school.

Los Angeles City College

Studied motion picture photography and television production.

Northridge University

Night course in motion picture marketing.

Ad Center

Course in advertising print production.

Screen Cartoonists Guild

Seminars in life drawing, cartoon in-betweening and storyboarding.

Paramount Pictures

Studio sponsored course in motion picture production.


Cartoon animation, storyboarding, illustration, cartooning, writing


Remote work opportunities, part time, full time, or specific project assignments. Willing to travel occasionally for interviews or meetings. Good at handling criticism and following instructions. Willing to accept flat payments as opposed to hourly wages. Will work whatever time is needed to deliver work to your satisfaction.

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