Ron Coleman, Cartoonist

Low Cost Way To Promote Your Business, Website or Blog - Sponsor Cartoons

People are inundated with advertising and have thus become conditioned to ignore ads. But most people love cartoons and by combining a funny cartoon with your ad, your message is more likely to get noticed.

I have been negotiating with some newspapers and I've been able to get unbelievable low prices for this type of ad. For example, the sample ad on this page would be printed at 4 x 5 inches in full color. I can place it in three Chicago newspapers with a combined circulation of 18,000. Normally an ad of this size (in black and white) would cost you $255. I can get you a rate of only $150. That is only about $8.30 per thousand impressions. I doubt if you can find a better price with Google, Facebook, or even your local newspaper. In fact, I defy you to find a better deal.

I invite you to give it a try. Call me at 458-221-2708 or email me and I will set it up for you. Until I sign on more newspapers, I can only offer these ads to a limited number of clients. Contact me today so I can get your scheduled.

Here is a sample of how your ad would look:

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