Cartoons For Advertising

Most advertisers know what attracts a viewer to an ad: a pretty woman, a dog or cat, and a cute baby. Another natural attention-getter is cartoons. Best of all cartoons can also put prospects in a fun, receptive mood.

Here are some ways you can use my cartoons in your advertising:

Newspaper publishers can place cartoons on the classified ads page

- This helps break up the solid type on the page and also attracts readers to the ads.

Animated Cartoon Ads or Commercials

- Tony the Tiger and Mr. Peanut are great examples of how effective cartoons can be in commercials.

Custom Designed Cartoon Characters

- I can design a cartoon character for you that can be used in all of your advertising efforts, from tv commercials to point-of-purchase displays.

Sponsorship of Videos and Books

- I can put your ad on the tail end of a funny cartoon video. If your business caters to parents you might consider sponsoring a coloring book or a comic book. You could sponsor short cartoon spots to be shown on television or in movie theaters before the show.

Banner Ads

- Static or animated for use online. These can also be used on social media to help drive traffic to your website.

Contact me to discuss your ideas.

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