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Animated Gag Cartoons For Online Publications

In years past gag cartoons and comic strips were some of the most popular forms of content for magazines and newspapers. Since many publications have now gone digital, much has changed. Viewers don't read as much as they used to and consume more of their content through videos. Videos have also been shown to get better results for advertisers.

As a cartoonist I now offer something a little different. I am offering animated versions of many of my gag cartoons and I am offering them to online publishers for free. Here is an example of one:

You can publish this video in personal or commercial online projects for free. This link will bring up the cartoon with my ad. To use this cartoon for free, just copy and paste the embed code below.

Or Earn Revenue From Your Own Advertising

Rather than use the free cartoon you might prefer a page which contains your advertising. This can be a page to promote your own ad sales or subscriptions, or it can be an ad from one of your normal advertisers. You would charge your normal ad rates for the ad and pay me a commission from this income. The amount of the commission is negotiable and i invite you to make me an offer. Also, please notice that as the video plays there is an additional call-to-action link at the top of the video. In this sample it links to my website, but if you were using a cartoon with your own advertising it could link either to your advertiser or to your publication.

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