Ron Coleman, Cartoonist

Build Your Automotive Business With Cartoons

The most profitable auto repair and sales businesses count on repeat sales. This means their advertising has to be designed to keep your company name on the customer's mind. This requires repetitive advertising, but also that advertising has to be noticed.

The repetitious use of cartoons can help you accomplish that goal. People tend to ignore advertising, but rarely ignore a cartoon. If you put your name above, below or next to a cartoon, you are more apt to be noticed. If you change the cartoons often, keeping them on topic about your automotive sales or service , people remember you next time they need this service. This technique can be effective in paid or free advertising on social media, or in opt-in emails that you send out to prospective or former customers.

In addition to marketing with stock gag cartoons, sponsoring animated video cartoons can help you build your automotive business. Click here to learn more.

I can offer you stock gag cartoons, slanted to automotive sales or servicing, for less than clipart prices. These cartoons are submitted to you by email. You are under no obligation to buy and your information is for my use only.

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