Custom Cartooning

Sometimes stock cartoons just won't do. There are several advantages to using custom cartoons instead of stock cartoons or cartoons that have been submitted to you by freelancers.

Properly Slanted Cartoons

Over my 60 years of cartooning I sold a lot of cartoons by carefully slanting them to the needs of various publishers. Some topics are easy, others are very specific and quite difficult. I've also used gagwriters to help me come up with gags on difficult slants. But let's face it - nobody knows your topic as well as you and some of your staff members do.

I can draw ideas that you or your crew come up with. Or I can work with you to create humor that really fits your needs. Because of the extra work involved custom cartoons are a bit more expensive.

Typically the cost for custom cartoons is $100 or more, but this is negotiable.

This cartoon was created for a magazine about plastic canvas crafting.

You Own The Cartoons

When I do custom cartoons, the copyright belongs to you. This is work for hire and thus belongs to you. I will even sign your name to the cartoon instead of my own or leave a signature off completely if you wish. You have the right to re-use the cartoons whenever and wherever you wish and you can even re-sell them if you wish.

If you want to get your employees or readers involved you could even run a contest to have them contribute ideas to you.

This cartoon was created for a magazine about home aquariums.

I can also do custom comic strips or animated cartoons.

Or I can create cartoons to illustrate an article you are printing.

This cartoon was created for a newsletter about movie theater management.

If you have a need for something specific, contact me and we can discuss your project.

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