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Are You Writing A Book or an Ebook?

One report I read online suggested that video ads get 20 percent more clicks than still images. Another suggested that it's easier for consumers to click on a still image than to respond to a video. One thing seems to be true -- videos get more attention.

If you are using social media for advertising and your objective is building brand awareness other than making immediate sales, I think cartoon videos would be an effective tool. People love cartoons and they do get attention. It may cost a bit more to produce an animated cartoon ad, but it can be used repeatedly and in several places such as on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, your own website, tv and movie screen ads and more. With some of these platforms the videos can be created to include a call-to-action link which will take the viewer to your landing page.

I can create these cartoon videos for you working from your script or ad copy or writing some for you. Typically this process starts with our agreeing upon an idea, followed by which I create a storyboard so you can see it visually. I can arrange for voiceover actors, if needed, music and sound effects.

Here's another idea: For holidays you could put out animated cartoon ecards. You could send out notifications to people on your opt-in email list that they have been sent an ecard, and they go to your landing page to view it.

The cost depends on the complexity of the project, but it isn't unusual to be able to do a 30 second cartoon video for $1000 or less. When we agree on the idea I can provide you with a more precise cost estimate.

You can see samples of cartoons I have animated below. These are not advertising videos, but rather done for entertainment. Even those videos can include some advertising messages in call-to-action links, or in some cases post-roll advertising cards.

Contact me and we can begin the process of planning your advertising video. Email me at or phone me at 458 221-2708 (Virginia).