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Why An Email List Is Better Than A Website For Building Your Business

Most businesses feel that a website is an essential tool for building their business. In addition most businesses also consider having a blog, and social media pages with places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are all okay, but they have one weakness. They depend on you receiving traffic and a lot of that depends on search engines like Google. In my opinion a much better tool is an opt-in email list.

With a website or blog you have to depend on visitors to come to you. But with an opt-in email list, you go to them. Most people visit most websites only once or twice, but with an opt-in list a business can get repeated exposure to their messages and thus more repeat business.

Personally I use the email list provided by Mailchimp. I am not an affiliate of this company and gain nothing by suggesting them to you. There are other companies, one of the most notable is Constant Contact.

With these lists you only send emails to those who have agreed to receive them, but the list builds quicker than you might guess. With my own list I have over 500 subscribers, which is not a lot compared to many lists who have thousands of subscribers. But compared to a website there is no comparison. I have been struggling to get traffic to my website for years and still only get 10 or 20 visits a day. This demonstrates how superior an opt-in email list is to a website. And no matter how often Google changes their algorhythm they can't have any effect on the customers I reach by email.

If you want good results from your list, however, it can't be only about advertising. You need to provide some content people will want to read, otherwise even if they are subscribers they may not open your emails. Cartoons make good content and it's a good idea to include a cartoon or some other type of humor to keep readers interested. I can furnish you with stock cartoons to include in your email list for only $25 each.

If you'd like to use my cartoons in your email list, contact me. Email me at or phone me at 458 221-2708 (Virginia).