Publishers - How to Receive First Publication Rights to My Cartoons

Most cartoons offered online to publishers are offered on a one-time rights basis. Many have been previously published and the fact that they are appearing on a cartoonist's website in itself makes them previously published cartoons.

For many publications this is okay. But if you have a publication and want to publish brand new cartoons not seen elsewhere I will submit brand new, never-before-published cartoons. This means they will not be published on my website or anywhere else on the web. I will submit them directly to these publishers, provided the publishers are willing to pay $100 or more for this first publication right. Cartoons might be submitted simultanously to several such publishers, especially if they are of a very timely nature. First publication rights will be awarded to the first publication to make the offer as specified. After the cartoon is actually published, I reserve the right to submit that cartoon to other markets on a non-exclusive one-time rights license.

Please note: I don't use services like submittable, or web forms. All cartoons are emailed to you directly.

I invite you to fill in the form below to let me know what type of cartoons you would like to see. Or email me.

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