Free advertising on cartoon webpages

Free Advertising

Cartoons attract attention, so a good way to get your ad noticed is to place it near funny cartoons. I offer advertisers a chance to do this for FREE! All I ask in return is a link to my website. This way I can build my traffic which will help both of us.

Links can be placed in one of these areas:

On a website or blog. This should be on a page containing at least 50 percent other content - not a links page containing only other ads.

In a posting on one of your social media sites.

In one of your email campaigns to your opt-in email list.

You should provide me with a text or banner ad and the url to where you want me to link your ad. Please fill out this form to submit your ad.

If your link is on a website your ad will continue to appear for as long as your link remains.

If your link is in an email campaign or on a social media posting, your ad will run for one week or until you've received 1000 impressions, whichever comes first. You may renew your ad by an additional posting in an email campaign or on a social media posting.

This offer is subject to cancellation at any time with a written notice by either party. Your ad is subject to approval by Colemantoons.

Contact me about your ad.