How To Use My Cartoons In Your Newsletters or Other Projects

There are two ways to license my cartoons, and each has its own advantages. You can license them from cartoonstock or from me directly.


If you license my cartoons from cartoonstock you can download the artwork the minute you pay for it. It's much quicker. You have more privacy since cartoonstock will not share your email address with me. To license from cartoonstock, just click on the cartoon that is of interest to you and you will be redirected to their licensing page.

Licensing from me directly.

Following are the advantages you receive from licensing directly from me:

  1. Pricing is more flexible. You make me an offer based on what you think your budget allows. You might get the cartoons for a lower price than you'd pay at cartoonstock. Since I wouldn't have to pay cartoonstock a commission in this instance I am okay with this.
  2. No payment is required up front. I will bill you when I email you the cartoons and you can pay at that time or when you publish.
  3. Cartoons are available in either color or black and white. You specify which you want. At cartoonstock there is only one choice.
  4. You have the option of signing up for my email list so I can keep you informed of other offerings. Of course you could opt out at any time.

To license cartoons from me, email me. Include the number of the cartoon you want. You can find that number in the watermark on the cartoons on my website. The number starts with the letters rcln.

I would be happy to submit cartoons for your consideration by email. Sign up using the form below. You are under no obligation to buy anything and you can opt out at any time.

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