My cartoons are available for licensing for any of the following purposes:

To print on your own gifts

Use 1 cartoon to produce up to 3 of your own gift items, not for resale. This can be done at home, through Cafe Press/Zazzle, or anyone else you like to produce your gift items.

Non-profit classroom

Indefinite use internally within a non profit making school, college or university by one educator or student as a teaching/learning aid.

On a web forum or social networking site

Indefinite use at one URL, where that URL a page on a social networking website or a posting on a web forum.

On a website, blog or electronic publication

Indefinite use at one URL or in one electronic publication

In a presentation

Indefinite use where the cartoon will be used internally within an organization.

In a newsletter (<1000 copies)

For one internal newsletter with a print run of up to 1,000

Personal use with family, friends & colleagues

Indefinite private non-commercial use with family, friends and colleagues.

In a non-profit printed publication

Use includes academic journals not for sale, information leaflets and not for sale publications by non-profit organizations and charities. Includes electronic rights.

In a book, commercial magazine, catalogue or brochure

Uses where the cartoon will be part of a publication (not the cover) which will be sold, used in the promotion of a commercial organisation or will take paying advertising and will be made available to people outside the purchasing organization. This includes all print publishing uses where the image is part of the editorial content of the publication and will be used at half page size or smaller. Includes electronic rights.

In a newspaper

Single use in a daily or weekly newspaper, no more than ¼ page size. Includes electronic rights.

Advertising, Marketing, Greetings Cards and other uses:

If you are interested in using our images, or part of any of our images for marketing, advertising, merchandise, book and magazine covers or other purposes which do not fit into the above categories, please contact CartoonStock with details and we will quote a price based on your specific use.

For more information or pricing click here.

I am also available to do custom cartooning for any of these purposes. For more information about this, please email me.

Contact Ron Coleman. . .