Licensing My Cartoons

If you would like to use my cartoons in your projects there are two ways to do so. You can license my cartoons through and the cartoons you choose can be immediately downloaded. Or you can license them directly from me To do so, just send me an email describing the cartoon you want and make me an offer for how much you are willing to pay. If I accept your offer I will email you a 300 dpi copy of the cartoon with no watermarks.

If you sign up for my Colemantoons Cartoon Club, I will give you a discounted rate of only $5 per cartoon. Sign up here:

Colemantoons Cartoon Club

Recognized charities can use my cartoons for free. All I ask is that they include a line of text above or below the cartoon which says "This cartoon donated by"

Note: I do not consider religious organizations or political organizations as charities. These are businesses and must pay the same licensing fees as any other business.

Here are some of the benefits of signing up for my Colemantoons Cartoon Club:

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