cartoon by colemantoons

Why Cartoons Are A Must For Your Newsletter

If you publish a newsletter for your clients, cartoons can be a great addition to your content.

Cartoons help direct the reader's attention to more important information in the newsletter. Once your prospect has read a funny cartoon he is more apt to continue and read your more "important" content. Cartoons put readers in a fun, receptive mood making them more open to your sales pitch. If people on your list are used to seeing a cartoon with each email they are more apt to actually open and read your emails.

Best of all, the cartoons don't cost much. For small newsletters the licensing fee is only $5 per cartoon. Let's face it - you probably spend more than that for lunch each day.

Cartoons are submitted by email to interested parties. If you wish to receive these cartoon submissions, please contact me. When you receive these cartoon submissions there is no need to respond unless you wish to use the cartoon. Even if you don't use the cartoons in your newsletters you will probably still enjoy reading them. And of course you can opt out from these email submissions at any time.

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