cartoon by colemantoons

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Why Cartoons Are A Must For Your Newsletter

If you publish a newsletter for your clients, cartoons can be a great addition to your content.

Cartoons help direct the reader's attention to more important information in the newsletter. Once your prospect has read a funny cartoon he is more apt to continue and read your more "important" content. Cartoons put readers in a fun, receptive mood making them more open to your sales pitch. If people on your list are used to seeing a cartoon with each email they are more apt to actually open and read your emails.

To license my cartoons you can either do a search by keyword or category or you can view my cartoons on my website. If you see a cartoon on my website that you'd like to use, just click on the image to find more information about licensing and fees.

I can also draw custom cartoons for your newsletter, although the cost is a little higher.

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