Publishers - Receive Cartoon Submissions by Email

If you use gag cartoons as part of your editorial content, or if you don't currently use them, but would consider doing so in the future, I'd love to submit some for your consideration. All my submissions are by email.

Most cartoons are offered on a one-time rights basis, which means they may have been published elsewhere before. For those publishers willing to pay $100 or more for a cartoon license, I will also submit cartoons available for first publication rights. These cartoons will not appear anywhere else, even my website, until after they have been published by the first publisher. They may be subject to simultaneous submissions, however, especially if they are of a particularly timely nature.

Please note: I don't use services like submittable, or web forms. All cartoons are emailed to you directly.

I invite you to fill in the form below to let me know what type of cartoons you would like to see. Or email me.

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