Share My Cartoon Videos

My cartoons can be shared on your websites or blogs, and you can link to them from your social media accounts, or from your opt-in emails. This is free, but the cartoons will include my advertising. To share the cartoons you would copy and paste the embed code with each video or download the link to the video for use with social media or opt-in emails. For social media or opt-in emails you would post this link. No graphic would be needed with the link.

If you don't want the advertising you may also subscribe to my paid service which will allow you to use the cartoons without advertising. These videos will not be available for sharing with other sites or channels, however. For details about this Click here.

My cartoon videos may also be licensed for use on your TV streaming channels. This would require a contract and payment which we would negotiate. Contact me for more information about this.

Here is an example of how this would work with the video shown here:

Embed Code:

Copy and paste where you want the video to appear.

For use in opt-in emails or on social media, use this link:

Contact Ron Coleman