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Several companies use social media sites like Facebook to promote their businesses. This is probably most effective for those companies who seek to build brand awareness, rather than to get immediate sales. For example, real estate companies and car dealers do a lot of advertising and they probably do not expect to immediately make a sale when their ad is seen. Readers are not apt to drop everything and go out to buy a house or a new car simply because they saw an ad on Facebook. But over time, if these companies advertise long enough, readers will start to remember them. Then when they do decide to buy or sell a house or buy a new car, hopefully they will contact the company whose ads they have been viewing.

Cartoons can be very useful for this type of advertising because they are a natural device for attracting attention. Cartoons can be even more effective if they are slanted to the business doing the sponsoring, or if they are about an original cartoon character created specifically for the advertiser. How many fewer boxes of cereal would have been sold without Tony the Tiger?

A simple solution is to just put the advertiser's name at the top of each cartoon, such as with this example:

Social media posts can include a link to your website, but people rarely click on those links. Still it doesn't hurt to include your link somewhere in the posting, probably in front of the cartoon. The important thing, however, is to publish the cartoons frequently so that your name gets remembered. You can target your readers and probably reach more people if you boost your posts or do paid advertising along with your postings, but this technique could still be effective even without the paid advertising.

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