You Can Promote Your Business By Sponsoring Cartoons

With my plan you pay only for results. I produce the video for you to use plus I promote it so that you receive plenty of traffic. Here's how it works:

I produce cartoon videos. You can select from those I show you to determine on which ones you would like to be identified as a sponsor. You pay nothing for this. I promote the videos on Google and send traffic to the page where you are displaying the video. I could host your ad on my site but you'll get better results if you embed the cartoon on your page.

Your ad will be seen multiple times. You are identified as a presenter when the video starts. Throughout the entire length of the video a call-to-action link appears at the top of the video, which carries your ad and links to your landing page. And, at the end of the video is a postroll card which is another ad for your services or products.

I will do paid advertising with Google and possibly other sources which will bring traffic to the page where you have the video embedded. You pay only for each time the video and your ads are viewed. You determine the maximum amount you want to spend and how much you are willing to pay for each video view. The more you offer, the better the results you can expect to get. You can edit these choices as you go along and as you see what kind of results you are getting.

Here is a sample to give you an idea how your video (or videos) would look:

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