Ron Coleman, Cartoonist

Got A Funny Video?

Submit it. If chosen it will appear on my streaming tv channels and on websites. Currently I have a streaming channel with Roku and one at Amazon Fire.

Your video could be a cartoon (animated or slideshow), a standup comedian telling a joke, a funny skit, funny videos of your pets or children. The main thing is it has to be entertaining or funny.

Currently my channels are monetized only with advertising. As my channel grows I will be able to get more advertisers, but in the meantime, whatever advertising revenue I take in will be shared with creators who have submitted videos to me.

Videos submitted must be high definition 1920 x 1080 pixels, MP4 files. Codec to be used should be H.264.

You can withdraw any of your videos upon request.

If you have a smart tv with a Roku app or an Amazon Fire app, you will be able to view your videos on your tv set. My channel is called Family Entertainment Channel. If you have an account with Roku you can download the app here:

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