Promote Your Business by Sponsoring Cartoon Videos

Pay Only For Results

Videos are rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of content on the web and sponsoring cartoon videos is a good way to promote your business.

With cartoon videos on my website you would get a postroll ad on the video. This would link to a page on my server where we could track the results, such as a form asking for more information, or a downloadable coupon. When the form is submitted you and I would both receive a copy of the request. We can also put banner ads on the page above, below, or beside the cartoon video. You would pay nothing up front - you'd only pay when a download or request for information is submitted. That would be a small flat fee that is negotiable.

We could also place these videos on Youtube, Facebook, or other video platforms, however in those instances you would have to pay something for the advertising and you'd be paying for impressions or clicks, not for results. Advertising on the cartoon on my website would probably be less expensive. Videos on YouTube or Facebook would be better if your objective is building brand awareness instead of generating immediate sales.

Below is a sample video. You can see more samples at">

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