Ron Coleman, Cartoonist

Cartoons About Weddings

All my cartoons are submitted by email. This avoids overexposure and keeps them fresh for when you publish them.

Cartoons can be purchased in three ways:

First Publication Rights - The publisher makes an offer. The first offer I receive gets the first publication rights. In the event of multiple offers these rights will be awarded to the highest offer. Once a cartoon has been published it will then be available to others as a stock cartoon.

Stock Cartoons - These are non-exclusive rights. You determine how much you want to pay based on what your budget will allow. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

Custom Cartooning - For illustrations, advertising, etc. Cartoons will be designed as requested for $50 per hour. I will furnish a free estimate upon seeing the details of what the publisher needs. Samples will be submitted from time to time by email.

To receive cartoon submissions by email, please register using this form:

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Contact me by email or by phone 458 221-2708 (Virginia).