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Cartooning Services For Writers

Writers: You can self-publish your book with sites like Createspace,, Ingramspark, Barnes & Noble, or many other companies. These are print-on-demand companies, which means these companies will print and ship books as they are ordered, even if it is only one book at a time.

Or you can create eBooks with companies like Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Ingramspark, Smashwords, and others. With either eBooks or print-on-demand books, there is little or no cost to get started and you earn generous royalties on the books you sell.

You may need my services as a cartoonist in preparing your book or eBook. Here are services I offer to writers:

Writers - Cover Illustrations For Your Books or Ebooks - $200 - Inside Illustrations - $50

These are custom-designed to fit the formatting requirements of the company to which you are submitting your book.

Stock Cartoons To Use As Illustrations

This is a less expensive route to take. You can pick from a large selection of stock cartoons from my inventory. If you use these you make an offer for their use based on what your budget will allow.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

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